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There are four main ways to help control mice in your home. The number one way is to eliminate entry points like cracks or holes in the wall that are 1/4 inch or bigger. Look really good for cracks and holes by window seals and doorways. Those are the easiest places for mice to get in your home.

The second way to control mice if you have any in your house is by getting the best traps you can find, and knowing what bait mice love the most. When you use the traps make sure to put them close to where the mice are coming in from. For the bait mice love seeds, grains, and any food high in fat or sugar, such as bacon or bacon fat, tootsie rolls and peanut butter. Now one type of food that is for sure to kill mice but wont harm humans is chocolate covered peanut candy.
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The third way is to have good sanitation. Make sure everything is closed up an not just left open and laying around. If you have poor sanitation like old food left out, opened containers of food, and crumbs. Then that is for sure to attract mice to come. Then that could eventually lead to an infestation of mice.

The last an final way to help control mice is by planting peppermint around the foundation of your house, and using peppermint for cleaning. Some ways to intertwine mint into cleaning is by using mint scented solutions. If you couldn’t find any cleaning products that had mint in them, you could take a couple drops of mint essential oil an add it to an all purpose cleaner. You could even get peppermint altoids crush them up, and then sprinkle it around the nesting areas of the mice. An it will draw them out an keep them away. Mice can not stand the smell of mint but to people mint can smell amazing so it’s a win win for us to use mint scented products and to plant mint.